As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The lack of mountains is helping too! After a couple days in Padova, it was on to Bologna. I’m in Podgorica, Montenegro, hanging out with the great folk at while I prepare for the big adventure. I’d give it two stars and five hearts for the spacious room comfortably furnished with a bed, dining table, writing desk, wood fire stove, large common kitchen, big bathroom with a bathtub that I made full use of shortly after arriving, and the friendly welcome I received. I write this entry lying on my stomach in my tent, facing the ocean as the sun sets. The route Eurovelo 8, is dedicated to the exploration of the northern Mediterranean coast, with 5,900 kilometers of cycle route from Cadiz, in Spain, up to Cyprus, passing through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.. It was pretty much flat cycling. Often people will stay a while, help on some project and then continue along. After a day or so there, I’ll jump on the Euro Velo #8 towards Croatia along the coast. "Copyright Dave's Travel Pages (c) 2005- - 2020 ". Si chiama EuroVelo 8, e nelle intenzioni di chi l'ha ideata dovrebbe essere una lunga ciclovia capace di collegare varie località europee del Bacino Mediterraneo. In Rome I lost my way as I tried to find the beginning of another ancient Roman road, the Via Appia. Without pre-arranged Couchsurfing, dusty and tired from my first day on the road, and in icy rain, at the wise insistence of my dear Montenegrin friend Zana I agreed that conditions weren’t ideal for my first night camping alone. If you decide to buy items through these links, you will be helping Dave to fund this site and perhaps the next adventure. You can find Cat's bike touring gear list here. 143 – Polar Trinity mountain bike (Serbian made, seems to work fine to me, don’t know much about it) A little disappointing. EuroVelo 8: la ciclovia del Mediterraneo attraverserà anche l’Italia Creato il 18 novembre 2015 da Nonsoloturisti @viaggiatori EuroVelo è un progetto coordinato dalla Federazione ciclistica europea che raggruppa all'interno di 14 rotte internazionali una serie diitinerari da … With half an hour till closing I smiled my way into free admission, feeling like a naughty child running around the rooms of this enormous extravagant home, snapping photos until the attendant found me and told me that photos weren’t allowed. Already I’ve noticed improvements in my strength and stamina, riding up more hills than before and covering far more distance. A painter by trade, he’s an ideas man who’s house and yard is a collection of rescued materials and inventive projects. Negozio biciclette Eurovelo s.r.l. Her experiences are sure to both inspire and inform others planning a similar tour along the Eurovelo 8 route. About 8km from the Slovenian border I stopped at a roadside memorial to snack on some tuna and beetroot, when Zoran rolled past on his touring bicycle, panniers and all. Leaving Podgorica, the view was breathtaking. Finally when he returned the old man was satisfied. Eurovelo 8: l’itinerario del Mediterraneo. Click Here. Today marks a full week on the road, if you count the three day stop in Risan. I’m sure some student will give her a new and easier life. I had no patches left in my repair kit and new tyres wouldn’t be so cheap, let alone all the other bits and pieces. Gran parte dei percorsi Eurovelo, compreso il numero 8, è in via di sviluppo per ciò Paolo ed Antony dovranno tracciare personalmente l’itinerario da pedalare giorno per giorno. Si tratta della ciclovia europea dalle maggiori potenzialità che una volta completata si stima genererà un impatto economico di 3.8 miliardi di Euro, 200 milioni di viaggio in bici giornalieri e 2.3 milioni di pernotti all’anno. So long as I’m moving fast on two wheels I’m happy. and new art everywhere. Click Here. I was expecting to make this my first night of camping, and by around 3pm was starting to consider whether to ask at a farmhouse or a church for permission to pitch my tent, when I came across Marko’s Flea Market in Mikulići, Croatia. A close friend of mine left Australia some years ago to do something that to me was unheard of and totally awesome. I expect to take at least a month, if not more. The young man took the spoon, carried it to the place, and was so swept up in the beauty of the world that he forgot about the spoon, spilling the water. I started the morning at 6am with an orange, was pushing my bicycle up a mountain by 6:30am, riding through troll country until 9:30am when I finally reached civilization in the form of Senj and had a proper sandwich with coffee for breakfast. The old man said to the young man, go to this place and you will see all of the beauty of the world. Eurovelo 7: il percorso del sole. Originally, she wrote her blog posts for the Meanderbug website. Clearly I needed new tyres too. I have very little to write about! Read the full bike touring blog here: Bicycle touring Risan. Read the full bike touring blog here: Week 6 Bikepacking Blog. Marko’s house is crammed with interesting things, pictures and postcards and prints plastered on every surface. Il meglio per le due ruote in provincia di Treviso. Lunga 5.900 chilometri, unisce Cadice in Spagna a Limassol a Cipro. Bicycle Touring Italy – Week 4 Cycling the Eurovelo Route 8, Week 7 Eurovelo 8 Bike Tour: A Change of Plans, Ferries from Milos to other Greek islands in the Cyclades, How to travel from Mykonos to Sikinos island by ferry, Mykonos to Sifnos Ferry Services, Routes, and Schedules. Arrivati in Grecia, l’Eurovelo 8 prende deciso la strada per Atene evitando la costa per raggiungere in fretta il Mar Egeo. (In Montenegro, they have separate stores for all things plastic. Eurovelo 6: dall’Atlantico al Mar Nero. Hello Italy. 2017 Eurovelo 8 – 1° parte – Tracciamento percorso da Rimini ad Atene e Maratona di Atene. Then heading northwest down a mountain road with spectacular scenery towards Risan, where I have a contact ready to take me in and show me around. 4500 kilometres from Cadiz to Athens. I haven’t been regularly cycling for some time so I spent much of the way pushing the bike. He’s a warmshowers and couchsurfing host, has travelled widely, often on a bicycle, and has done the Camino de Santiago trail three times, on three different routes. 4.10 – pocket knife (swiss army knives were in the 20-30 euro range, I just looked around the knife section and found a much cheaper knife with all the same attachments – win!) La Vecchia Casa means The Old House, and it is one of the houses in Cetinje remaining from King Nikola’s time. Eurovelo 8: l'itinerario del Mediterraneo Eurovelo Routes detta anche «la strada del Mediterraneo», è una pista ciclabile parte della rete del programma europeo EuroVelo. Zana’s friend met with me later in the evening to direct me along the best route out of Cetinje. His rules are that visitors can stay as long as they like, provided that they don’t cost him anything. Eurovelo 5: via Romea Francigena. Ad affrontare il viaggio è Paolo Pagni, CEO di Cicloturismo, sito web italiano leader di settore e stretto collaboratore della Fondazione Animo Onlus, ed Antony Ferrari. Just as I loaded it all onto my bike and started to roll out of the bush, the rear tyre went flat. Dave’s Travel Pages has a number of affiliate links placed within the travel blog. I had enough space for everything and didn’t regret them because they brought a little indulgence and comfort to what can become a fairly austere lifestyle. 2 – spare batteries, Local Plastic Shop It’s a loved city. Eurovelo 8 in Italia – 316km 05/09/2019. 2018 Eurovelo 8 – 2° parte – Tracciamento percorso da Forte dei Marmi a Valencia e Maratona di Valencia. This is my list of equipment for biking tour budget, along with the approximate price of each item (in euros). I can’t access electricity but I do have running water and perfectly flat ground, five star comforts! I’m going to start looking out for them as a free camping option. Funny isn’t it. Sure, I haven’t had much experience with camping, and until last week, I’d never put up a tent entirely on my own. I was exhausted by the time I boarded the boat and secured my bike, going up into the main part armed just with a bag of essentials, my sleeping bag and water. There are paintings of landscapes that I’ve often seen with vivid green hills with sprays of trees in shades of gold, brown and white, little brown houses flanked by two or three towering skinny dark green trees and bright flowerbeds. (This was a non-bike day on my tour. And fear aside, as Nike dictates, sometimes you’ve got to “just do it”! Looking more and more like a penniless cyclist. Valencia è il punto di arrivo del 2°step di Eurovelo 8, ma l’avventura di Paolo ed Antony non finirà qui. Italian roads so far are a dream, I actually didn’t change gears that entire day except to allow myself to stand and give my seat a rest. Looking back on my cycling tour across South Europe, it seems a little debrief would be helpful. The moon is already brightly hanging in the sky. It took me four! There are no timings, no ratings, no prizes. Snow started appearing on the slopes and the air grew noticeably crisper. And then I cycled through Italy and discovered that they actually exist! Eurovelo 8 Bike Touring In 2014, Cat cycled from Montenegro through to Spain. An early start with my gear wrapped in plastic, again I rode and walked the bike up more mountains. 41 – North Face sleeping bag (at that price, I had to get it! Overnight there was a frost and the condensation inside the tent formed into little droplets lining the walls that rained on me and my bags. You don’t have to feel competition. 5/9 di Cicloturismo in Pomaro, Veneto (Italia). Instead I bought an apple pastry from a supermarket and sat by my bicycle in the carpark to make use of a free wifi hotspot. Di cicloturismo in data 05/09/2019. Often when I’m riding somewhere really fast I’ll be smiling so much I actually just start laughing for the pure joy of it. I spent the day wandering around the city, through the historically-dodgy-but-now-intriguing neighbourhood El Raval, and of course, I checked out one of the Gaudi houses which was definitely dreamy but possibly nightmarish too. I stopped at a shop for a minute and lost my sunglasses from where they were tucked at the top of my front pannier. Your email address will not be published. ... Il Blog del Cicloturismo . (In Montenegro, Sports Vision is a gold mine.) Il percorso EuroVelo 8, è dedicato all’esplorazione della costa nord del Mediterraneo, con 5.900 chilometri di percorso ciclabile da Cadice, in Spagna, fino a Cipro, passando per Francia, Italia, Slovenia, Croazia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Montenegro, Albania e Grecia.In Piemonte gli itinerari di EuroVelo 8 attraversano le zone del Cuneese, Torinese, Vercellese e Alessandrino. I’m afraid that in this week I’ve failed you all miserably. Eurovelo 8 in Francia – 738 km 05/09/2019. But here, take this spoon and let me fill it with water, and be careful not to spill it. He returned proudly with the spoon full of water. I thought it was an insanely adventurous idea. Goran prides himself on knowing all of the secrets of the area, from where to eat, where to swim and where the most beautiful women are. Again the young man went to the place, this time paying such close attention to the spoon that he didn’t see any beauty at all. Il percorso fa parte dell'itinerario Mediterraneo Eurovelo 8. I have wings. Sleeping/yoga mat – to pick up from InterSport on the way out of the city. Il progetto prevede oltre 70000 km di rete ciclabile di cui più di 40000 km già in essere. Fin out more here: Week 10 Bike touring Spain. He sent him back again with the spoon full of water. my love! To put into words what attracted me about Barcelona is like trying to capture the grandeur of the Taj Mahal on Polaroid film, but I’ll try. EuroVelo 8 dissects northern Italy from east to west, and a cycle trip will allow you to get a real understanding of this region. The old capital is picturesque and cultured, no half-finished buildings like in the new capital and plenty of pedestrians out and about despite the drizzle. Scarica la traccia GPS e segui il percorso su una mappa. L’EuroVelo 8 (EV 8), detta anche la strada del Mediterraneo, è una pista ciclabile parte della rete del programma europeo EuroVelo.Lunga 5.900 chilometri, unisce Cadice in Spagna a Limassol a Cipro, passando successivamente attraverso 11 paesi: Spagna, Francia, Principato di Monaco, Italia, Slovenia, Croazia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Grecia e Cipro. It was surreal and exciting. Eurovelo 8 ha un’appendice nell’isola di Cipro. He takes in hundreds of travelers, both from Warmshowers and otherwise. He was going to explore Europe on a bicycle and sleep in a tent. Non sorprende quindi che la Mediterranean Route sia quella che suscita il maggior interesse tra le ciclovie EuroVelo. 0.80 – soap box, for when I have something to say to the world, Local Supermarket Then he proceeded to feed me an absolutely delicious meal of pork stew, pasta and bread. After a false start yesterday, when it quickly became apparent that I had to use panniers to lower my centre of gravity before I’d feel steady on the road, by 10am I was off to a strong start in the sunshine. Even when I get caught in the rain and drenched, when my toes are white numb and my fingers won’t release the handlebars, I love it. Jelena also set out on her first bicycle tour alone, and it was the best thing she’s ever done. Homely little touches like the complimentary toiletries in the bathroom, tea, coffee and breakfast, a soft dressing-gown and a pretty garden made it extra special. Atene, vera e propria protagonista della storia antica del mediterraneo, è stato il punto di arrivo del 1° step di Eurovelo 8. EuroVelo 8 Mantova - il portale del cicloturismo sul tratto mantovano di EV8. Sports Team. He went back to the old man with an apology, and the old man repeated the exercise. I thought that was unnecessarily mean! (biking Slovenia), Full travel blog post here: Day 17 blog post. Camping is changing my sleeping schedule. This is something I was very happy to do! Water bottles, wet wipes, garbage bags. In the morning I fixed the flat tyre and packed up my stuff. This time the young man was able to enjoy all of the beauty of the world, while maintaining just enough focus to prevent the water spilling from the spoon. Ad affrontare il viaggio è stato Paolo Pagni, CEO di Cicloturismo, in solitaria. 1 – firestarters Linking EuroVelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route and EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route, this bike trip goes through the Pyrenees from sea to sea, exploring unique landscapes. After about an hour I stopped in at a little town hoping to get a coffee, but Croatia can be so expensive, the coffee was the equivalent of $4 AUD, so I decided not to. I repaired that inner tube and set out again. What attracted me was the sign “W. Bursting into sight was a glorious view of the valley, surrounding snow and pine covered mountains, and the Bay of Kotor beyond. On the other hand, because I wasn’t planning my bike tour I only bought the bare minimum of gear that I thought I would need, and along the way picked up things that I found through experience really were useful, like the handlebar horns, sewing kit and padded cycling shorts. 105 – front LED light, back safety light, back rack, upgraded saddle, bell, bottle holder, seat bag, gloves, helmet, pump, repair patches, tyre lever, spare inner tubes, Local Sporting Store Percorso Eurovelo 8. Eurovelo 8 è un’avventura in bicicletta di oltre 2.000 km da Rimini ad Atene. Luckily there was a train station in Sueco so I got the afternoon train back to Valencia and booked an overnight train to Granada. I’ve found plenty to see and do in the city. L’isola è infatti divisa in due da quando, nel 1974, l’esercito turco ne invase la parte nord, instaurando una repubblica indipendente. After that it disintegrated into a soggy dirt track, and then ended entirely, putting me back on the ordinary road. This is to help him wake up in the morning when he reaches for a coffee mug! Soft boiled cauliflower with olive oil and salt, fresh-baked dark bread, some strong cheese and a variety of preserved tasty things in jars. Originally, she wrote her blog posts for the Meanderbug website. Scarica la traccia GPS e segui il percorso su una mappa. Check out my post trip review of bike touring gear here: Bike touring gear review, Filed Under: Meet The Cyclists - Travel Blogs, Your email address will not be published. La Ciclovia EuroVelo 8, o Ciclovia Mediterranea, collega Cadice a Cipro e attraversa la provincia di Mantova sugli argini del Po. There’s something in the air in this city, a freshness, a liveliness, I don’t know exactly what, but I connect with it. Clearly the local government and town planners are investing in maintaining and developing it as a place where people want to be, with well-preserved older architecture, innovative uses of space, lots of greenery (the tram-tracks are lush grassy strips!) Read the full bike touring blog here: Balkan wilderness camping. Read the full bike touring blog here: Camping in Cavtat. I am lucky in the people I’ve met while traveling! Eurovelo8. He slowed and asked where I was from, which lead to a conversation and exchange of details, along with an invite to stay at his place in the Slovenian town of Ilirska Bistrica, should I pass that way. Continuing my bicycle touring Croatia, I was actually glad of the steady incline along the coast because it got my blood pumping and temperature up. City bike, articoli ginnici, accessori e indumenti sportivi. I’d only bought a deck-passenger ticket which entitled me to move about the public spaces on the ship; the bars and restaurants serving overpriced junk food and that didn’t like loitering scruffy cyclists taking up residence on their couches, the cold windy decks, and thankfully a room filled with aeroplane-like seating complete with bony armrests where we cheapskates could take refuge. Marko is a Croat who has spent most of his life in Canada, escaping Croatia as a refugee. 4/9 di bicicletta da turismo in Ranco, Liguria (Italia). I was pretty chilly too, so I quickly freshened up, ate a banana and some nuts, and packed up the camp. 2°Step di Eurovelo 8 un’avventura in bicicletta di oltre 1300 km da Forte dei Marmi a Valencia. Today, I sprinted along stretches of inland wilderness, reaching the bustling city of Sibernik just after lunch. L'itinerario ciclabile Eurovelo 8, la rotta del Mediterraneo attraversa undici nazioni, decine di città meritevoli di una visita ma soprattutto percorre migliaia di chilometri di costa del mare Nostrum per un totale di circa 5900 km.Molte delle strade percorse sono tutt'ora promiscue e a volte anche piuttosto trafficate, soprattutto nel periodo estivo. My bicycle touring rolls on. EuroVelo, la rete ciclabile europea, è un progetto del ECF (European Cyclists' Federation teso a sviluppare una rete di 15 itinerari ciclabili di lunga percorrenza attraverso tutto il continente europeo. It started with more of Zoran’s excellent cooking, prosciutto and eggs with coffee. 2° Edizione della Randonnée di Pinocchio Due to a restructure of their pages, I was asked to keep her story alive by hosting her blog posts here instead. But I have cycled a lot around Sydney and I know that when I’m on a bicycle, I feel entirely, dizzyingly, free. ), delicious food and even better company, Barcelona has me hooked. We would visit both Dubrovnik, Croatia and Trebinje, Bosnia. Local Bike Shop The old man still wasn’t satisfied. I hope you enjoy reading Cat's adventures as much as I did! Pásate por nuestras páginas para más información sobre cicloturismo: ️ Blog: ️ Facebook: Con Alforjas ️ Seguimos nuestras rutas con este GPS. My approximate route will take me first through the cultural hub Centinje, where I’ll explore and camp nearby. It was one of the best rides so far – cruising over 30 kilometres hardly breaking a sweat, on a gentle road following the course of a river, in the sun, with good company. No matter how deceptively sunny the days are, it’s still winter. 180 kilometres between Meyrargues and Cannes. 3.30 – duct tape (yellow!) Every neighbourhood has a “rambla” – a pedestrian road with outdoor dining, art, and often big shady trees. Nella capitale greca è assolutamente imperdibile una visita all’Acropoli, lo straordinario sito archeologico da cui si domina l’intera città. Eurovelo 9: dal Baltico all’Adriatico. Da Torino a Cuneo sull'itinerario Eurovelo 8. If I pass by again I’ll make sure to come loaded with something to share, something better than spinach and fruit. Read the full bike touring blog post here: Cycling in Italy Week 5. This time I tied her up on the Perast side of the city, just before reaching the gates of the old town. Cetinje is about a 36km climb from Podgorica, and to a seasoned cyclist this would only take about two hours. Eurovelo 8 en Provence. Eurovelo … Il loro obiettivo è infatti quello di completare una sorta di duathlon studiato ed elaborato in autonomia. EuroVelo 8 takes you through the most beautiful parts of the Croatian Mediterranean coast and hinterland. 2.30 – torch I took a small road to escape the dust and immediately got a flat tyre. He wouldn’t have any of it. Below are the items I packed and some of what I learned and would do next time related to bicycle touring gear. Perhaps I’ll love it so much I’ll just continue cycling all summer! Slovenia is a stunning place for cyclists. Hello! This was his little Balkan birthday celebration. EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route [EV8] (EuroVelo 8) - Operator: European Cyclists' Federation She then amiably walked with me, discreetly escorting me out! She started on the ancient Roman roads, singing their praises. Paolo ed Antony attraverseranno ben 3 paesi : Italia, Francia e Spagna. She writes that the Via Flaminia is so delightful to cycle that when she retires she wishes to cycle back and forth along it endlessly. Needless to say, I wasn’t very cheerful when I woke around 2am, freezing and damp. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. We sat up into the evening while he shared stories of his life. A few years ago he decided to take a few months off work to enjoy life, and that worked out so well that he just kept on with it. It was certainly the most charming. Dal porto di Atene, il Pireo, un servizio regolare di traghetti porta a Limassol, nella parte greca di Cipro. Seven hours and 125km saw me arrive at my couchsurfing host’s place just a little late, with sore knees, hands and bum. Apparently in the days before electric lights and the industrial revolution, there is ample evidence to suggest that most people went to bed early and woke for an hour or two in the middle of the night, and then slept again. In this Meet The Cyclists feature, Cat from down under shares her experiences cycling from Montenegro to Spain along Eurovelo 8. a Vittorio Veneto (TV). She was riding about twenty years ago so perhaps it has not been well-maintained over that time. La Ciclovia EuroVelo 8 attraversa il territorio di Mantova, dove la maestosità del fiume Po (recentemente riconosciuto come area “MaB” dall’UNESCO) si unisce ad una delle migliori gastronomie a livello nazionale. By 7 or 8 I’m lying in my sleeping bag, stretching my legs and meditating. Once there was an old man and a young man. She’s an example of a woman who can maintain grace and femininity while retaining personal strength, guts and courage. Nothing but the road broke the continuity. Per usare questo sito devi autorizzarci ad usare i cookie, ma non facciamo nessuna operazione particolare. He spoke about as much of my language as I spoke of his, but with the help of Google Translate and lots of laughter, we shared stories of adventures as he drove to show me the way.

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