In June 2004, Sarkozy reached an agreement with the major retail chains in France to concertedly lower prices on household goods by an average of two percent; the success of this measure is disputed, with studies suggesting that the decrease was close to one percent in September. Chirac pointed out that Sarkozy had been chosen as presidential candidate for the ruling UMP party, and said: "So it is totally natural that I give him my vote and my support." Anne-Sylvaine Chassany (21 February 2017), BBC News, 13 December 2015 "French Far Right National Front 'Routed' in Key Vote". Member of the European Parliament: July–September 1999 (resignation). According to some sources, Sarkozy himself asked for Uribe to release FARC's "chancellor" Rodrigo Granda. [74], Muammar Gaddafi's official visit to Nicolas Sarkozy in December 2007 triggered a strong wave of protests against the President in France. General councillor of Hauts-de-Seine, elected in the. [133] This policy has been criticized for example by the US newspaper The New York Times,[133] by Sarkozy's political opponents, including the Socialist Party leader Martine Aubry,[134] and by experts of French law, including the ex-member of the Constitutional Council of France, Robert Badinter, who said that such action would be unconstitutional. His family then sent him to the Cours Saint-Louis de Monceau, a private Catholic school in the 17th arrondissement, where he was reportedly a mediocre student,[6] but where he nonetheless obtained his baccalauréat in 1973. [70][71] He initiated the reform of French universities (2007) and the pension reform (2010). Le gouvernement comporte sept femmes sur quinze ministres. Premier ministre 1. This energy package would clearly define climate change objectives for the EU and hold members to specific reductions in emissions. Two days before the 2005 Paris riots, he referred to young criminals of nearby housing projects as "voyous" ("thugs") and "racaille", a slang term which can be translated into English as "rabble", "scum" or "riff-raff", in answer to resident who addressed Sarkozy with "Quand nous débarrassez-vous de cette racaille?" Alain Juppé devient ministre des Affaires étrangères, Longuet ministre de la Défense et Claude Guéant quitte le secrétariat général de l'Elysée pour le ministère de l'Intérieur et de l'Immigration. Sarkozy declared to the Constitutional Council a net worth of €2 million, most of the assets being in the form of life insurance policies. However, he returned after the right-wing defeat at the 1997 parliamentary election, as the number two candidate of the RPR. [62], However, as a result of the global financial crisis that came to a head in September 2008, Sarkozy has returned to the state interventionism of his predecessors, declaring that "laissez-faire capitalism is over" and denouncing the "dictatorship of the market". Christine Boutin , 63 ans, ministre du Logement et de la Ville. The program, called 'Parafes', was to use fingerprints. After the rioting, he made a number of announcements on future policy: selection of immigrants, greater tracking of immigrants, and a reform on the 1945 ordinance government justice measures for young delinquents. Being defeated at the Republican presidential primary in 2016, he retired from public life. "[note 4], A precise translation into English has many possible variations. In his speech he spoke out against Quebec separatism, but recognized Quebec as a nation within Canada. Sur la chaîne Europe 1, Jean-Pierre Chevènement a fortement critiqué l’intervention de la France en Libye en 2011. On 6 May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy became the sixth person to be elected President of the Fifth Republic (which was established in 1958), and the 23rd President in French history. Communiqué de la Présidence de la République concernant la nomination du Premier ministre. For the surname, see, Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa. During his term, he faced the financial crisis of 2007–2008 (causing a recession, the European sovereign debt crisis), the Russo-Georgian War (for which he negotiated a ceasefire) and the Arab Spring (especially in Tunisia, Libya, and Syria). Hervé Morin : Ministre de la défense. In accordance with an agreement with Chirac, he resigned as Finance Minister. During the campaign, rival candidates had accused Sarkozy of being a "candidate for brutality" and of presenting hard-line views about France's future. Le 10 mai 2012, à la suite de la défaite électorale du président Nicolas Sarkozy lors de l'élection présidentielle de 2012, François Fillon a présenté la démission du Gouvernement [12].Le Président de la République a donc mis fin à ses fonctions de Premier ministre (Constitution française du 4 octobre 1958, art. [18] In the meantime, he was said to have had an affair with a journalist of Le Figaro, Anne Fulda. [69], On 3 April 2009, at the NATO Summit in Strasbourg, Sarkozy announced that France would offer asylum to a former Guantanamo captive. Talking at the French-American Foundation in Washington, D.C. on 12 September 2006, he denounced what he called the "French arrogance" and said: "It is bad manners to embarrass one's allies or sound like one is taking delight in their troubles. During his short appointment as Minister of Finance, Sarkozy was responsible for introducing a number of policies. [73] The plan, which was jointly proposed by Sarkozy and Egyptian ex-President Hosni Mubarak envisions the continuation of the delivery of aid to Gaza and talks with Israel on border security, a key issue for Israel as it says Hamas smuggles its rockets into Gaza through the Egyptian border. "Corfù, il vertice del disgelo "Riparte collaborazione Nato-Russia" Il Cavaliere: "Mandai il mio avvocato Sarkozy da lui per la Georgia... "Berlusconi al vertice Nato-Russia "Quando mandai l'avvocato Sarkozy, Sarkozy Closes in on his Goal: Ambition and Honesty on the French Campaign Trail, "Cécilia Sarkozy: The First Lady vanishes", "French president Sarkozy separation is 'divorce' – official UPDATE", France begins to grow weary with the Sarkozy soap opera, "Carla Bruni-Sarkozy confirms name of daughter: Giulia", "France's first couple welcomes their baby girl Giulia after low-profile pregnancy", "Jokes and anger in France over Sarkozy pay rise", "Sarkozy Wins the Chance to Prove His Critics Wrong", "Le gouvernement finalise la privatisation de France Télécom", "Grande distribution : l'accord Sarkozy à moitié appliqué", Azouz Begag, principal opposant à Nicolas Sarkozy, "Boutin renonce à se présenter et soutient Sarkozy", Sarkozy pour un deuxième porte-avions français, France's Jacques Chirac Backs Nicolas Sarkozy, "Radiant Cécilia puts Sarkozy in the shade". Chirac reportedly said in private that Sarkozy's speech was "appalling" and "a shameful act". Mr Azibert, one of the most senior judges at the Court of Appeal, was called in for questioning on 30 June 2014. He was forced to resign this position in order to accept his ministerial appointment. He has claimed that these reforms strengthen parliament, while some opposition socialist lawmakers have described it as a "consolidation of a monocracy". During Jacques Chirac's second presidential term he served as Minister of the Interior and as Minister of Finances. In party elections of 10 November 2004, Sarkozy became leader of the UMP with 85% of the vote. [46] In his speech immediately following the announcement of the election results, Sarkozy stressed the need for France's modernisation, but also called for national unity, mentioning that Royal was in his thoughts. Reelected in 1983, 1989, 1995, and 2001. (As required by the constitution, he had to resign as a deputy when he became minister in 2002.) Sarkozy married his first wife, Marie-Dominique Culioli, on 23 September 1982; her father was a pharmacist from Vico (a village north of Ajaccio, Corsica), her uncle was Achille Peretti, the mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine from 1947 to 1983 and Sarkozy's political mentor. [3], Sarkozy said that being abandoned by his father shaped much of who he is today. These remarks were sharply criticised by many on the left wing and by a member of his own government, Delegate Minister for Equal Opportunities Azouz Begag.[38]. [112] François Fillon was accused of being an instrument of the President's power. Sarkozy came in first with 31.18 percent of the votes, ahead of Ségolène Royal of the Socialists with 25.87 percent. Outre Jean-Louis Borloo, la secrétaire d'État aux Sports Rama Yade, la secrétaire d'État à la Politique de la Ville Fadela Amara, le ministre du Travail Éric Woerth et le ministre de la Défense Hervé Morin sont les principaux partants du gouvernement. General secretary of the Rally for the Republic: 1998–1999. He was the leader of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party from 2004 to 2007. [85] and was elected to the post on 29 November 2014. Principaux ministres sous la présidence de Nicolas Sarkozy. La décision de Nicolas Sarkozy, président de la République, de nommer François Fillon premier ministre a été annoncée le jeudi 17 mai 2007 (communiqué de l'Élysée publié à 9 h 50[8]). Le premier gouvernement François Fillon, est le 32e gouvernement de la Ve République française mis en place le 17 mai 2007, et remplacé le 19 juin 2007 par le deuxième gouvernement Fillon. He won the 2007 French presidential election by a 53.1% to 46.9% margin against Socialist Ségolène Royal. [15] They have one son, Louis, born 23 April 1997. Confronted with the suggestion that he had become a socialist, he responded: "Have I become socialist? [150][151], On 1 July 2014 Sarkozy was detained for questioning by police over claims he had promised a prestigious role in Monaco to a high-ranking judge, Gilbert Azibert, in exchange for information about the investigation into alleged illegal campaign funding. In 1993, Sarkozy was in the national news for personally negotiating with the "Human Bomb", a man who had taken small children hostage in a kindergarten in Neuilly. Acting heads of state are denoted by an asterisk. Un tiers des ministres de ce gouvernement sont cependant d'anciens membres du gouvernement de Dominique de Villepin et deux tiers sont d'anciens membres des gouvernements du second mandat de Jacques Chirac. This was the subject of a political row: the president's office called the accusation "completely absurd and grotesque", while the Socialist Party mocked his fastidious preparation. Nicolas Sarkozy a, durant sa campagne, annoncé sa volonté d'inscrire son gouvernement dans une démarche d' « ouverture [2] » vers d'autres partis, notamment ceux du centre ou de la gauche. Sarkozy lâche, desserrant à peine les dents, un raffiné «Casse-toi alors, pauv'con, va.». Sarkozy was accused of having provoked the unrest by calling young delinquents from housing projects a "rabble" ("racaille") in Argenteuil near Paris, and controversially suggested cleansing the minority suburbs with a Kärcher. Previously, he was a député in the French National Assembly. When the party leader Philippe Séguin resigned, in 1999, he took the leadership of the Neo-Gaullist party. [note 2] According to the Maastricht Treaty, the French yearly budget deficit may not exceed three percent of France's GDP. ... Membres du gouvernement. [42], In February 2007, Sarkozy appeared on a televised debate on TF1 where he expressed his support for affirmative action and the freedom to work overtime. The Socialist Party (PS) and the Communist Party (PCF) criticised a "state affair" and a "barter" with a "Rogue state". Christine Boutin : Ministre du logement et de la ville. These statements were criticised by some scientists, including geneticist Axel Kahn. L’ancien ministre la Défense et de l’Intérieur rend responsable la France de Nicolas Sarkozy du désordre en Libye et des conséquences sur l’immigration en Europe. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 27 octobre 2020 à 13:05. Au cours de la constitution du gouvernement, elle a incarné à elle-seule « l’ouverture » aux chiraquiens. In early 2006, the French parliament adopted a controversial bill known as DADVSI, which reforms French copyright law. Sarkozy was raised Catholic. In October 2008, Sarkozy became the first French President to address the National Assembly of Quebec. I'd be inclined to think that one is born a paedophile, and it is actually a problem that we do not know how to cure this disease"; he claimed that suicides among youth were linked to genetic predispositions by stating, "I don't want to give parents a complex. [25] As the French President, one of his first actions was to give himself a pay raise: his yearly salary went from €101,000 to €240,000 to match his European counterparts[clarification needed]. (This story was corroborated by some trade union officials.) Durant la campagne présidentielle, elle a représenté l’ersatz d’opposition à Nicolas Sarkozy au sein de l’UMP. Sarkozy's best man was the prominent right-wing politician Charles Pasqua, later to become a political opponent. Sarkozy supported the foundation in May 2003 of the private non-profit Conseil français du culte musulman ("French Council of the Muslim Faith"), an organisation meant to be representative of French Muslims. Eon was arrested for causing offence to the presidential function and the prosecutor, who in France indirectly reports to the president, requested a fine of €1000. Henri de Raincourt, m… Sarkozy is recognized by French parties on both the Right and Left as a skilled politician and striking orator. [29] The "Human Bomb" was killed after two days of talks by policemen of the RAID, who entered the school stealthily while the attacker was resting. Nommez les ministres formant le gouvernement de Dominique de Villepin entre mai 2005 et mai 2007. He invited his successor to attend his last 8 May Victory in Europe Day commemoration in office. [100] In its edition of 9 August 2007, Paris Match retouched a photo of Sarkozy in order to erase a love handle. After Chirac won the election, Sarkozy lost his position as Minister for the Budget, and found himself outside the circles of power. Of the 327,000 UMP members who could vote, 69 percent participated in the online ballot. The vote was 539 to 357, one vote over the three-fifths majority required; the changes are not yet finalized. [87] On 13 December, the Republicans won the majority of regional office races, another set of national elections. Fillon compose son cabinet et nomme l'ancien préfet de Vendée et ancien directeur de cabinet aux Affaires sociales, Jean-Paul Faugère, comme directeur de cabinet à Matignon[12]. Composition. Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa (/sɑːrˈkoʊzi/; French: [nikɔla pɔl stefan saʁkɔzi də naʒi bɔksa] (listen); born 28 January 1955) is a retired French politician who served as President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra from 16 May 2007 until 15 May 2012. Sarkozy was born in Paris, and is the son of Pál István Ernő Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa[note 1] (Hungarian: nagybócsai Sárközy Pál; [ˈnɒɟboːt͡ʃɒi ˈʃaːrkøzi ˈpaːl] (listen)—in some sources Nagy-Bócsay Sárközy Pál István Ernő),[1] (born 5 May 1928), a Protestant Hungarian aristocrat, and Andrée Jeanne "Dadu" Mallah (12 October 1925 – 12 December 2017),[2] whose Greek Jewish father converted to Catholicism to marry Sarkozy's French Catholic maternal grandmother. Patrick Devedjian, ministre de la Relance (depuis le 5 décembre 2008) 1.3. [28] He was the youngest mayor of any town in France with a population of over 50,000. Millerand held the presidency in an acting capacity before being fully elected. Le gouvernement de François Fillon est remanié par Nicolas Sarkozy le 14 novembre 2010. "[129], On 27 July 2007, Sarkozy delivered a speech in Dakar, Senegal, written by Henri Guaino, in which he claimed that "the African has never really entered into history". Christine Lagarde : Ministre de l'agriculture et de la pêche. Michèle Alliot-Marie va devoir geler un milliard d’euros de réserve de précaution. [141][142] The court eventually imposed a symbolic €30 suspended fine, which has generally been interpreted as a defeat for the prosecution side. Il compte un ministre, deux secrétaires d'État et un Haut-Commissaire issus de la gauche ou marqué à gauche (respectivement Bernard Kouchner, Éric Besson, Jean-Pierre Jouyet et Martin Hirsch), ainsi qu'un ministre issu du centre (Hervé Morin). La nomination de membres de l'opposition au sein de ce gouvernement a suscité diverses réactions. [123], In September 2005 Sarkozy was accused of pushing for a hasty inquiry into an arson attack on a police station in Pau, of which the alleged perpetrators were acquitted for lack of proof. Il n'y a eu aucun remaniement depuis ; c'est toujours la composition de l'actuel gouvernement. Nicolas Sarkozy promised them a no-fly zone would be imposed on Gaddafi's aeroplanes. [54] The leader of the PS, François Hollande, requested the opening of a parliamentary investigation. [155] The developments were seen as a blow to Sarkozy's attempts to challenge for the presidency in 2017. The family lived in a mansion owned by Sarkozy's maternal grandfather, Benedict Mallah, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Ministre de l'Education nationale (du 18 mai 2007 au 23 juin 2009) Xavier Darcos. [96] However, Sarkozy has also been named as the third worst-dressed person in the world by GQ,[97] a listing that has been disputed. Nicolas Sarkozy a, durant sa campagne, annoncé sa volonté d'inscrire son gouvernement dans une démarche d' « ouverture[2] Â» vers d'autres partis, notamment ceux du centre ou de la gauche. Minister of State, minister of Interior and Land Planning: 2005–2007 (resignation). [160], On 16 February 2016, Sarkozy was indicted on "illegal financing of political campaign" charges related to overspending in his 2012 presidential campaign and retained as witness in connection with the Bygmalion scandal. Sarkozy's UMP majority prepared a budget that reduced taxes, in particular for upper middle-class people, allegedly in an effort to boost GDP growth, but did not reduce state expenditures. [131][132] South African president Thabo Mbeki praised Sarkozy's speech, which raised criticism by some in the South African media. ", said the man. His ministerial responsibilities included law enforcement and working to co-ordinate relationships between the national and local governments, as well as Minister of Worship: in this role he created the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM). Nicolas Sarkozy a, durant sa campagne, annoncé sa volonté d'inscrire son gouvernement dans une démarche d' « ouverture [2] » vers d'autres partis, notamment ceux du centre ou de la gauche. He was re-elected on 13 March 2005 to the National Assembly. However, the civil unrest in autumn 2005 put law enforcement in the spotlight again. He was criticised by the European Commission for doing so. President of the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine: 2004–2007 (resignation, became President of the French Republic in 2007). Le 18 juin 2007, lendemain du second tour des élections législatives et conformément à l'usage constant sous la Cinquième République, François Fillon présente la démission du gouvernement au président de la République, qui l'appelle immédiatement à former un nouveau gouvernement[13]. After meeting with Tom Cruise, Sarkozy was criticized by some for meeting with a member of the Church of Scientology, which has been seen by some as a cult. She and Sarkozy married in October 1996, with witnesses Martin Bouygues and Bernard Arnault. Cette page donne la liste des anciens ministres français chargés de la Défense.Le nom exact de la fonction peut varier à chaque nomination. [104], Former Daily Telegraph journalist Colin Randall has highlighted Sarkozy's tighter control of his image and frequent interventions in the media: "he censors a book, or fires the chief editor of a weekly. In Hungarian the given name comes last rather than first. [27] His supporters within France emphasize his charisma, political innovation and willingness to "make a dramatic break" amid mounting disaffection against "politics as usual". His last day as President of the French Republic was 15 May. degree in business law. [149], On 5 July 2010, following its investigations on the Bettencourt affair, online newspaper Mediapart ran an article in which Claire Thibout, a former accountant of billionairess Liliane Bettencourt, accused Sarkozy and Eric Woerth of receiving illegal campaign donations in 2007, in cash. Le 23 mai, le premier ministre a participé au grand meeting de l'UMP à Marseille. [68] On 6 December 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy, as part of France's then presidency of the Council of the EU, met the Dalai Lama in Poland and outraged China, which has announced that it would postpone the China-EU summit indefinitely. He married Italian-French singer-songwriter Carla Bruni in 2008 at the Élysée Palace in Paris.