If there is a Deserisy connection, it appears to be a more distant one. Jerome Napoleon II had two children: Louise-Eugénie* (1873-1923), who married Danish Count Adam Carl von Moltke-Huitfeld and has living descendants; and Jerome Napoleon Charles (1878-1945), who fatally broke his neck by tripping over the leash while walking his wife’s dog in New York’s Central Park. The pair previously have said that their wedding is a love match and not designed to further any political ambitions, The joyful pair gaze lovingly at their friends and family as well as onlookers who came out in droves to support the couple, The couple leave the cathedral in a red convertible. Find a Grave, database and images (https://www.findagrave.com: accessed ), memorial page for Napoleon Bonaparte (15 Aug 1769–5 May 1821), Find a Grave Memorial no. Napoleon’s sister Elisa had two children who lived beyond infancy. Her maiden name was Speight. My GG father’s wife once said something to the effect that she wouldn’t claim relation to any old dictator! Eugène de Beauharnais épouse la fille du roi de Bavière, Auguste, et devient Vice-Roi d'Italie (dont la capitale est Milan), le Roi d'Italie étant Napoléon. I’ve made the correction in the post above. Born on May 31, 1713, he was the son of Sebastiano Nicola Bonaparte and Maria Anna Tusoli.. An asterix (*) indicates the person has living descendants. Napoléon a également eu deux enfants adoptés : Stéphanie de Beauharnais (adoptée en 1806) [3] et Eugène de Beauharnais (adopté en 1805). That’s exciting, Jesse – certainly possible given the large number of descendants (both legitimate and illegitimate) of his siblings. This person is matching as a relation exact to where Ancestry predicts they should be in relation to my tree! Une entrée en matière qui est un prétexte pour parler de l’Île de Beauté des années 90 à nos jours, sujet central – […] The original name was Buonaparte, which was borne in the early Middle Ages by several distinct families in They are the official non official children of Jérôme but it seems that he had many others…. She gave birth to a son in 1811, Napoléon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte, and was a devoted mother. The couple pose outside the cathedral after their wedding, The couple are seen outside the Parisian cathedral after their glamorous ceremony. I have not been successful in finding any military records to support this claim. Guests included Princess Beatrice and her fiancé property tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, The couple hold hands as they celebrate their wedding. I’m not sure how popular the name was in the United States. Ses ascendants. Was there anyone in the Napoleon family tree married to a Guise descendant. Jerome Jr., who was not recognized as a Bonaparte by Napoleon, had two sons: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II* (1830-1893), and Charles Bonaparte (1851-1921), Charles, who served in President Theodore Roosevelt’s cabinet as Secretary of the Navy and, later, as Attorney General, died childless. I am told by my grandmother (not sure if it’s true)) that Napoleon is my great great great great uncle somewhere down the great relative road. Des descendants de Napoléon et de Marie-Louise vont se marier. While he was exiled to Elba, Marie-Louise retained her imperial rank and title, becoming ruler of the duchies of Parma, Piacenza, and Guastalla, with her son as heir. Countess Olympia donned a stunning Oscar De La Renta gown for her wedding. Photos and a description are here: https://caseantiques.com/?s=765. Napoléon a également eu deux enfants adoptés : Stéphanie de Beauharnais (adoptée en 1806) [3] et Eugène de Beauharnais (adopté en 1805). Many thanks for catching this, Pier! If you are interested in more resources about Napoleon, I have posted a list of useful websites here: https://shannonselin.com/2013/11/who-was-napoleon-bonaparte/. Philip was the second son of Louis le Grand Dauphin. Letizia and Louise also have living descendants. Sadly (for us), this dress is made to order so it’s not as simple as just popping into your basket and checking out. The strapless number features a tight bodice that flows outwards at the hips. Lucien has living descendants, including the children of American actor René Auberjonois. My grandfather was named Napoleon Bonaparte Yowell. However, Napoleon should share the same Y-DNA profile as his biological brother, Jérôme (both inherited from their father Carlo Buonaparte). Jean-Christophe told the French newspaper Le Figaro that their marriage was 'the fruit of European reconciliation and construction, which I believe in enormously', Look of love: The couple look thrilled as they celebrate their wedding. Maybe someone reading this will know the answer and leave a comment. Radio host and television presenter Stéphane Bern also attended, Portrait of Napoleon I (1769-1821) and Archduchess Marie Louise with their son, the King of Rome, Napoleon II, Duke of Reichstadt in the Tuileries Gardens, Princess Beatrice and her soon-to-be husband property tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi attended the historic wedding of Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte and Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinnerberg in Paris. Can you help? Napoleon's only son died young, leaving his sole successor Napoleon III, who ruled France between 1848 and 1870. I also have several Gedmatches with the E1B1C1 matches one with very high CM’s. I recently learned through dna that my Northern Italian Volpis are related to Napolean. Bonapartists view Jean-Christophe (right) as the head of the former Imperial House Of France, The couple beam as they hold hands on their way out of the cathedral. I’m sure there will be interest in that Bible, Bryan. I would like to know more about this marriage. The House of Bonaparte (originally Buonaparte) is a former imperial and royal European dynasty of Italian origin. BONAPARTE, Giuseppe Maria - Paternal grandfather. Napoleon’s youngest sibling Jérôme had one son with his first wife, the American Elizabeth (Betsy) Patterson: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte (1805-1870). Will be selling next month. My mother went to Land Titles in Viterbo, Italy. He came to America c 1818. 3 Nov 1772 • Braden, Germersheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)(d. 7 Mar 1857 • Emmitsburg, Maryland, USA). Bonaparte Family, a family made famous by Napoleon I, emperor of the French (1804–1814/15). NOCES Et ils vont se marier aux Invalides, à Paris, là où s'étaient mariés Napoléon Ier et Marie-Louise d'Autriche. Les descendants de Napoléon sont donc en grande partie issus de la descendance naturelle et adoptive, et non légitime. 'We share so many similar interests and values, and we know that this will stand us in great stead for the years ahead, full of love and happiness. I have been binge-reading these the last two days and look forward to reading your book. Jerome Bonaparte certainly had some relatively notable descendants. My mother has a couple of Autosomal matches with the surname Bonaparte in their trees. Le nom n'est plus porté depuis 1948 pour Orx, 1884 pour Laberne. Her demure gown had a long cape that cascaded over her shoulders and into a train. Napoléon Ier, empereur des Français En cette année 2019, nous allons fêter le 250ème anniversaire de la naissance de l'Empereur Napoléon Ier, né à Ajaccio, Corse, le 15 août 1769. La descendance du frère de l'Empereur, Louis Bonaparte (1778-1846) s'est illustrée avec 3 garçons dont Napoléon III (1808-1873), puis son fils le prince Impérial Napoléon Louis mort en 1879 sans descendant. The former Imperial House of France and the House of Hapsburg have united once again as Napoleon Bonaparte's heir has married the great-great-great niece of the French Emperor's wife today. Letizia Bonaparte (24 August 1750 – 2 February 1836) – Mother of Napoleon However, the marriage of Napoleon and Marie Louise in 1810, signalled a temporary peace between Austria and the French Empire. Les descendants de Napoléon - Page 4 | Donnez un avis critique sur les ouvrages napoléoniens, les articles. En lignes exclusivement masculines, ne subsistent à l'heure actuelle que les Princes NAPOLEON, descendants de Jérôme, et 2 branches illégitimes, les Comtes LEON (en voie d'extinction) et COLONNA-WALEWSKI. Le nom n'est plus porté depuis 1948 pour Orx, 1884 pour Laberne. Page suivante Fin-Vermouth- MP. My common ancestor with Napolean I, is from 5469 years ago, prior to his reign, however I do resemble him greatly. He was one of many people who claimed (falsely) to be descended from Napoleon. If your profile matches Napoleon's profile in 34 of 37 markers we refund your payment and you … Louis Bonaparte (1778-1846) Napoleon’s brother Louis, who was unhappily married to Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense de Beauharnais (Josephine’s daughter), had two sons who lived to adulthood. Eugène de Beauharnais épouse la fille du roi de Bavière, Auguste, et devient Vice-Roi d'Italie (dont la capitale est Milan), le Roi d'Italie étant Napoléon. Good luck with your search. It’s nice to hear from you, Andrew. car Napoléon avait demandé une autopsie de son corps pour prévenir sa descendance d'une éventuelle maladie héréditaire, comme celle de son père. I am related to Marie-louise Napoleon’s 2nd wife. Elle est issue de la famille Bonaparte, une famille patricienne corse originaire d'Italie, reconnue noble en France sous l'Ancien Régime et devenue maison impériale à la suite de l'élévation de Napoléon Bonaparte à la dignité d'empereur des Français le 18 mai 1804. Bonapartists view Jean-Christophe as the head of the former Imperial House Of France. She has living descendants. I also have at least one or two E1B1B1 matches on Gematch. Click on the image to zoom in on, print, or save the Napoleon Bonaparte family tree. I believe the Bonaparte who married Sir Thomas Wyse was Napoleon’s niece Letitia, the daughter of Lucien Bonaparte, who lived in exile in Italy. Il sera en outre Archichancelier d'Empire, Prince de Venise, Grand Duc de Francfort. A near cousin of my wife Amelie Convers was married to a male (or female) member of the Colonna Walewski family in Cartagena Colombia. I’m glad you’re enjoying the articles. We live in Puyallup, Washington so cheers to you. Learn how your comment data is processed. Napoléon Ier outre le Roi de Rome eut deux fils illégitimes ; le Comte Léon et le Comte Waleski , Napoleon II ( Roi de Rome) aurait eu un fils avec l'archiduchesse Sophie ; l'archiduc Maximilien . Répondre à ce message. Over the years, the Bonaparte possessors of, or claimants to, the throne have been: The Bonapartes are not the only pretenders to the French throne. This became the community of Colpo. She lives in Stratford, Canada, where she is working on the next novel in her Napoleon series. Published: 12:05 GMT, 19 October 2019 | Updated: 22:12 GMT, 19 October 2019. Lettre d’info n° 701), ce que refusera l’Autriche. Thanks, Edouard! Three months later, at the instigation of Talleryrand, the Senate announced the deposition of the Emperor and Napoleon abdicated. Take a closer look at the collection here... Congratulations to Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte and Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinnerberg who got hitched this weekend! Napoleon gave her a clock, which has been passed down each French generation, now in the possession of my children’s uncle. I think there are some genealogical male descendants of Napoleon by Alexandre Colonna Walewski and his mistress Rachel Felix. Parution du livre “La descendance de Napoléon III, dernier souverain de France” par Eddie de Tassigny qui est également l’auteur précédent et excellent ouvrage sur la descendance de Napoléon Ier.Outre le prince impérial, l’empereur eut quatre fils naturels dont l’auteur retrace la vie. Louis’s second son Louis-Napoléon (1808-1873) became French Emperor Napoleon III. One very small correction to the last section: at the time of Napoléon III’s death in 1873 he had one living child (Louis-Napoléon, Prince Impérial), but Louis-Napoléon then died six years later with no issue of his own. Sujet : Vous recevez un appel du descendant de NAPOLÉON. l'autopsie fut pratiquée par le médecin envoyé par la mère de Napoléon, François Antommarchi: ulcère perforé bouché par le foie, trace de tuberculose The resulting Treaty of Schönbrunn led to Austria losing more then three million subjects, after ceding territory to France and Bavaria. Pour les besoins de l’histoire, elle invente un enfant naturel au feu Prince Napoléon, Louis Bonaparte, qui devient son héros. The bride walked under a huge floral arch on her way into the ceremony. We must confess that fate, which sports with man, makes merry work with the affairs of this world. He has living descendants. Généalogie de Napoléon Bonaparte. You’re right, David. 12 décembre 2020 à 22:53:26. This stems from a Richard Deserisy, who was from Paris, Île-de-France, France. See: http://www.walewski.org/filiation.htm. Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince Philip, Susan Sarandon They had five children: four born in Bordentown, NJ, and one in France. Contre tout usage, Napoléon souhaita se couronner lui-même et couronner l’impératrice Joséphine, ce malgré le désir du pape de procéder au sacre et au couronnement. When Napoleon escaped in 1815 and reinstated his rule, Marie-Louise was asked by her stepmother to pray for the success of the Austrian armies, but rejected this. However, today's pair have previously said that their wedding is a love match, and not designed to further any political ambitions. Jean-Christophe told the French newspaper Le Figaro that their marriage was 'the fruit of European reconciliation and construction, which I believe in enormously'. Thanks, Sarah. It’s interesting that your son maintains the family resemblance to Napoleon. My son, though tall, as he matures, (at 28), resembles Napoleon. A la demande de ses descendants en 2008, son cercueil a été recouvert d’une plaque en marbre et la crypte est désormais difficilement visitable. The great Napoleon Bonaparte in world history, evergreen king of emperors. She has living descendants, at least one of whom was born in America. if so, this would make my children, the gt,gt.,gt.,gt.,gt.,gt., granddaughters of Napoleon, so any suggestions how to go about this? Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. Now, I am looking for a closer link. Mariage des descendants de Napoléon et Marie-Louis d'Autriche: la bague de fiançailles a été dérobée Stéphane Bern, spécialiste de la royauté, a assisté à la noce. I know that in the years following Napoleon’s death, “Napoleon” became the most popular given name for boys in Quebec, sometimes with a “Bonaparte” attached. And each French generation has been told they were descended from him. Family called him Nate, and was from Missouri. This was the case even in North America, where Napoleon had many admirers. Généalogie de Napoléon Bonaparte. That’s interesting, Susan. Niece of General A. Depew Hazen, 3rd Asst. Voici plus d’informations pour ceux qui sont intéressés: https://www.decitre.fr/livres/les-napoleonides-9791090361003.html. Although Napoleon III was removed from power in 1870, and France – a republic – has not had a monarch since then, some members of the Bonaparte family are considered by some to have a claim to the non-existent French throne. My mother, now deceased, was Dr Elcie H. Wyse of Sydney who brought Mammography to Australia. He went on to say he felt a deep commitment and sense of duty to France, and that he was keen to honour the legacy of his ancestors. My Great Grandfather Baron D. always said that Napoleon was a great grandfather of his. Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century.. Read more (Wikipedia): Napoleon I of France (English), Napoléon Ier (Français), Napoléon Bonaparte (Norsk), Napoleone Bonaparte (Italiano), Napoleone Buonaparte Napoleon I (Poland) Their relationship was stormy and in 1810, he divorced her after she failed to produce an heir, in favour of Marie Louise, 18, daughter of Emperor Francis I of Austria. Napoléon-Louis (1804-1831), who married Joseph’s daughter Charlotte, died without any children. Napoleon’s illegitimate son Alexandre Walewski, circa 1855. Commenter cet article. Trying to establish ‘fact or fiction’, that when Napoleon I was on the Island of Elba, there was a female in his service who gave birth to his Son, prior to his return to Paris, named Elbine Bourgoin? The Prince opens the door for his bride as her sister carries her train into the car, A bit of rain couldn't dull the couple's joy on their special day as the Prince drives them away, The countess waves to adoring crowds from inside the car. VIDÉO. Reyes de España; Military Notables other than U.S Revolution and Civil War; Hrvatski Vladari / Croatian rulers (from other countries) Famous Couples in History; 49 more Bonaparte genealogy projects; H (mtDNA) House of Bonaparte; Présidents de la République française (Presidents of France) Napoleon's Great Army - La Grande Armée de Napoleon Jean-Cristophe has played an influential role in public affairs, appearing alongside the royals of European countries such as Belgium and The Netherlands at official engagements, such as the anniversaries of the Battle of Waterloo. That I don’t know, Ann. Après Waterloo, il se réfugie en Bavière chez son beau-père. Wikipedia, can also be helpful, when searching for names of famous people! My grandma always said we were related to Napolian. Les descendants sont littéralement suivis à la trace, avec de nombreux documents à l’appui. The pair remained in close contact, which upset Marie-Louise. American actor René Auberjonois, a descendant of Napoleon’s sister Caroline, in 2013. Her son Frédéric (1814-1833) was killed in a riding accident at the age of 18. Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte, 33, the great-great-great nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte I, wed Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinnerberg, 31, the great-great-great niece of the French Emperor's wife, in Paris. Jean-Christophe Napoléon Bonaparte [2], dit Jean-Christophe Napoléon, né le 11 juillet 1986 [3] à Saint-Raphaël (), est un membre de la famille Bonaparte.Il est l’actuel prétendant au trône impérial français [4] et porte le titre de courtoisie de prince Napoléon [5].. Diplômé d'HEC Paris et de Harvard, il réside aujourd'hui à Londres où il travaille comme banquier d'affaires Napoléon a aujourd’hui des descendants vivants grâce à son fils bâtard Alexandre Colonna-Walewski (1810-1868). My mother’s closest relation that has been DNA tested to the Bonapartes is a 4th-6th cousin which would be accurate according to family tree timeline. Prière d'indiquer le titre de l'ouvrage et le nom de l'auteur dans l’intitulé du message. L’histoire se répète, Marie-Louise d’Autriche et Napoléon Bonaparte se sont mariés il y a plus de 200 ans. Sur le chemin de l’école A Auxonne, les descendants de Napoléon Bonaparte . Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon, a descendant of Napoleon’s brother Jérôme, in 2006. Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte, 33, is the great-great-great nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Good luck with the sale! Do you have any references that you could recommend? A Leret d’Aubigny. Under the law of succession established by Napoleon in 1804, only legitimate male descendants through the male line were eligible to assume the imperial crown. La descendance naturelle de Napoléon Ier - Générations I à III Retour à l'accueil. Si son titre n’a aucune valeur juridique, le prince Napoléon, alias Jean-Christophe Napoléon, n’en est pas moins fier. Zénaïde married her cousin Charles Bonaparte* (1803-1857, son of Napoleon’s brother Lucien) and had eight children who lived to adulthood. Napoleon had ancestors from Northern Italy, although I don’t know anything about the Volpi-Bonaparte connection, Melinda. In January 1814, Marie-Louise saw Napoleon ride off into battle for the last time, as he attempted to stave off the Allied invasion in the north of the country. I haven’t come across anyone named Deserisy in relation to the Bonapartes, Shelbie. Il n’a jamais été reconnu comme son fils depuis que sa mère polonaise s’est mariée lors de son aventure avec Napoléon, mais il a été largement reconnu comme sa progéniture officieusement. With his second wife, Princess Catharina of Württemberg, Jérôme Sr. had three children: Jérôme Napoléon Charles (1814-1847), who died childless; Mathilde (1820-1904), also childless; and Napoléon Joseph Charles* (1822-1891), who had three children and has living descendants. Her ancestry can be traced back to Napoleon Bonaparte.” Ever heard of any of these people? I don’t have any information about that possible connection, Mikki. Drenthe is from the Westphalia Lower Saxony region of West Germany and North France. Despite her initial misgivings, Marie-Louise seemed to warm to Napoleon after the wedding, and became an obedient wife. Does anyone have any ideas who M. Juan Buonaparte was? Afterwards we were able to smile at this historical coincidence.'. Her daughter Napoléone (1803-1869) married a wealthy Italian count, from whom she separated after a couple of years. Small typo: Louis is Napoleon’s brother, not his son . 1808-1873 Marié le 30 juillet 1853 (samedi), Paris , , Seine, Ille de France, France, avecEugénie de Montijo, Impératrice des Français 1826-1920 Letitia, Napoleon’s sister, married Sir Thomas Wyse who was Minister of Education (Dublin, 1823). Merci pour cette référence, Annet. fils de Pierre Michel Bure et de Pierrette Marie Colette frère de lait de Napoléon III trésorier de la couroinne en 1853 deux enfants : 1. They married in March 1796, making her Empress Joséphine, the first Empress of France. Napoleon only had one legitimate son, who died before having any children, so there are no known paternal descendants of Napoleon. Descendant de Lucien Bonaparte ; je me suis procuré l’ouvrage de E de TASSIGNY, “Les Napoléonides” (180 pages) publié chez : Mémoire et documents en 2012; qui est la généalogie illustrée exhaustive de la totalité des descendants des Bonaparte dans le monde entier. There is more about that here: https://www.didyouknowdna.com/famous-dna/genes-world-leaders/napoleon-dna/. Il voit le jour le 31 mai 1713, fils de Sebastiano Nicola Bonaparte et de Maria Anna Tusoli.. Il épouse le 5 mars 1741 à Ajaccio Maria-Saveria Paravicini, qui lui donnera deux filles (Maria Geltruda et Marianna) et deux garçons (Carlo Maria, père de Napoléon, et Sebastiano). My Great Grandfather and Great Great Aunt (his sister) said that they were somehow descendants. Good luck with your search for information about him. Postmaster, grandniece of Sen. Chauncey M. Depew. voici la liste officielle des descendants de Napoléon III : **avec l'impératrice, il eut le Prince Impérial, comme chacun sait ; **avec Eléonore Vergeot, lingère à Ham, il eut les comtes d'Orx et de Laberne. Then head to the edit below to copy a Countess and find similar options ranging from Whistles to Mira Zwillinger. Thus Pauline has no living descendants. There is a list of Bonaparte descendants here that might be of assistance: https://shannonselin.com/2018/04/living-descendants-napoleon-bonapartes/. Some blood must have come through. Techniquement Napoléon Bonaparte n'a pas de descendant “légitime”. She was expulsed by the Austrian authorities. You might enjoy this article, which has more information about Napoleon’s stepchildren, Eugène and Hortense de Beauharnais: https://shannonselin.com/2015/03/napoleons-children-part-1/. M. Juan Buonaparte (great grandson of Napoleon I, as “Napoleon”). Outre le prince impérial, dont le destin pathétique est en fait très méconnu, on […] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugène_de_Beauharnais! I am searching for a descendant who either married a Cholet, had an illegitimate child with a Cholet, or changed their name to Cholet/Chollet. My question is when and how did Jean Christophe get the diamond? I hope some Bonaparte descendants, or other experts on Jerome, see it and get back to you. She’s actually a character in the novel I’m currently writing (Napoleon in Texas), so I’ll write an article about her soon. The House of Bonaparte (originally Buonaparte) is a former imperial and royal European dynasty of Italian origin. Napoleon’s brother Lucien had 11 children who lived to adulthood. Napoléon 1er Le Grand BONAPARTE, Empereur des Français 1769-1821 Relationship possibly in 1801 withHortense de BEAUHARNAIS, reine de Hollande - duchesse de St-Leu 1783-1837 Napoléon 1er Le Grand BONAPARTE, Empereur des Français 1769-1821 Relationship in 1802 withMarguerite-Joséphine dite MADEMOISELLE GEORGE - WEIMER 1787-1867 Jean-Christophe's great great grand uncle is Napoleon I, who married Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria to secure an ally of the country when fighting Britain and the Russians. I researched the descendants and relatives of Napoleon Bonaparte, then I searched my matches for their Surnames, and there it was! Made by Bookswarm, Napoleon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte, killed in an ambush during the Anglo-Zulu War, https://www.didyouknowdna.com/famous-dna/genes-world-leaders/napoleon-dna/, https://www.decitre.fr/livres/les-napoleonides-9791090361003.html, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugène_de_Beauharnais, https://shannonselin.com/2015/03/napoleons-children-part-1/, https://www.thevintagenews.com/2019/04/09/napoleon-ring/, http://www.angelfire.com/realm/gotha/bonapartedescendants.html, https://shannonselin.com/2018/04/living-descendants-napoleon-bonapartes/, https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Germany_Military_Records, https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/France_Military_Records, https://shannonselin.com/2013/11/who-was-napoleon-bonaparte/, https://archive.org/details/unknownsonofnapo00fleirich/page/276/mode/2up, Things People Were Thankful For 200 Years Ago, Napoleon I (Emperor of the French, abdicated in 1815, died in 1821), Napoleon II (never actually ruled France, but briefly held the title of Emperor after his father’s 1815 abdication, died childless in 1832), Joseph (died in 1844 with no descendants through the male line), Napoleon III (Emperor of the French, removed from power in 1870, died in 1873; no surviving descendants), Jérôme’s male descendants (with Catharina of Württemberg) through the male line. André VESSOT. Afterwards we were able to smile at this historical coincidence', The family history that has led to the historic union between Countess Olympia and Jean-Christophe Prince Napoleon. Lucien and his descendants were excluded from the succession plan because Napoleon disapproved of Lucien’s marriage. ', The couple announced their engagement last month and sweet engagement photos, taken by sister Princess Eugenie in the grounds of Windsor Great Park, show Beatrice beaming as she poses with her soon-to-be-husband. The couple announced their engagement last month and sweet engagement photos, taken by sister Princess Eugenie in the grounds of Windsor Great Park, show Beatrice beaming as she poses with her soon-to-be-husband. I ran across this in an old South Dakota history book while doing research on my great uncle, Charles J. Morris. Il voit le jour le 31 mai 1713, fils de Sebastiano Nicola Bonaparte et de Maria Anna Tusoli.. Il épouse le 5 mars 1741 à Ajaccio Maria-Saveria Paravicini, qui lui donnera deux filles (Maria Geltruda et Marianna) et deux garçons (Carlo Maria, père de Napoléon, et Sebastiano). but Jenny, who, as a child, befriended Goethe and his family, married a German noble and had four children. Merci de nous révéler ainsi l’histoire des comtes Léon, descendants de Napoléon. I have found only one connection through DNA and that connection is Beauharnais. Des descendants de Napoléon et de Marie-Louise vont se marier. Elisa’s daughter Napoléone is one of my favourite Bonaparte descendants. The great-great-great niece of the French Emperor's wife, Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinnerberg, 31, married Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte, 32, French Emperor Bonaparte's heir. This region was also controlled by Jerome Bonaparte as “King of Westphalia” during 1807-1813, You can find Napolean Bonaparte’s 37 DNA markers below See page 277: https://archive.org/details/unknownsonofnapo00fleirich/page/276/mode/2up. Napoleon’s older brother Joseph had two legitimate daughters, Zénaïde* (1801-1854) and Charlotte (1802-1839). Marie Louise had grown up against a background of continuous conflict between Austria and revolutionary France, and her home country had suffered a series of heavy defeats.